Sharon Natsarim

Bio: I am a follower of Yahshua/Jesus the Christ. I do not follow any religion and see religion as a tool of the dark forces. I follow the bible and its commandments, laws and statues and the words of Yahshua to the best of my ability. I follow the guidance of the Ruah ha Qodesh/the Holy Spirit above all else. This is a way of life and NOT a religion. Yahshua was Hebrew, spoke Hebrew and Aramaic and lived as a Jew. He is our perfect example. Therefore we should attempt as best as we can to do as He did. Because He spoke Aramaic and Hebrew His name would be Yahshua which means "Salvation". I believe there is power in both the names of Jesus (Greek) and Yahshua (Hebrew) because He honors both titles. Yet, when I ask, I am told that His name is Yahshua. Since you should be following Him and no one else, that is all you really need to know about me. May Yahuah the Father, bless you.

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