Every morning I open my eyes to see the room the same as I went to bed and I hear birds chirping outside and see the sun, I praise your Name for one more day of normalcy. For another day to get it right or try to. Another day to pray that more lost souls find you. Another day to post a message that will hopefully wake someone up and lead them to you. Another day to look in expectation for your coming back to rescue your bride. Another day to collect more water and food for someone who will need it…whether that is me or another. Another day to try and prepare people for the horrors that are coming that if they don’t repent will go on into eternity for them.

Yahshua, all the beauty, light, goodness, comfort…ALL that we love, comes from YOU. If You are removed…that is too dark for me to even want to consider. Yahshua…all praise, glory and honor to You for your patience, your love and what you did for me on the cross…the suffering of unimaginable proportions…because of me for my sins. Forgive me for my sins, wash me clean in Your Blood, clothe me in white linen and make me Your bride…I fall at your feet in gratitude, adoration and love. Maranatha my love! Maranatha.

Shabbat Shalom!